Everyone has a story to tell............

Positive stories  and comments that encourage and inspire..

‘Interesting, enjoyable and inspiring exhibition. The work is clear evidence of the hard work and commitment of the staff who worked with the children. Obviously the art has given huge joy to all the children. Fantastic.’ – ‘Cllr McKeon

‘An amazing place, in beautiful surroundings, where I felt peaceful and was able to reflect on my thoughts and feelings.’ – C. Ramsdale, year 6 teacher

‘Awesome! God is all over you and your building – your hearts are so big – your creativity is overflowing and you are a true blessing to this town. Brilliant.’ – Artfantastic

Have you got a story to tell?

Creationships that make a difference.....

"Create has given me a focus on my life and I'm excited about what the future holds"

"Create has been an oasis in what has been a very hard time for me, instead of being on my own Create has given me a place to belong"

"Thanks for helping me find my way again and for trusting me to do a good job for you"

"I look forward to Fridays, Cafe Create is a highlight in my week.."

"The Create place has something special about it...."

"What a lovely day, fantastic people and wonderful surroundings"

"Wonderful staff/atmosphere/ambiance.."


"CreateBolton always goes that step further to make a difference..."

"I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for the encouragement and support of Create people"

"They cater for all ages... I can relax"